British Fashion Trends for 2009

When you think of the British Fashion industry you cannot help but to group together innovative designers such as, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. Think of of leading British fashion icons and suddenly, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham all spring to mind. All of these names are well known and recognised worldwide for representing the best of the British Fashion Industry, and together they have contributed and led the way in many different fashion trends throughout the years. And their mark on British fashion trends for 2009 is no different. But, what are the British fashion Trends for 2009? What colours, designs, styles and fabrics make up the catwalk trends that are to become high-street favourites and must haves? Which hot accessories and popular clothing brands are set to lead the way for summer 2009?

Fringes (on clothing) are set to be a huge trend for summer 2009, as is transparent clothing, which has been seen all over the catwalks. Trousers this year are high and wide (think Harem pants the fashion world equivalent to the opposite of skinny jeans!). Colours this summer season are really bright, metallic and neon. Prints are bold and the hottest shape for 2009 is asymmetric.

Straight from the heights of British fashion Icon royalty, Kate Moss has a hot new collection in Topshop for 2009. Flat Gladiator sandals and fringe sandals are they way to go to keep your feet looking hot whilst remaining cool in summer 2009! Throw on a tie dye scarf, for when the sun goes down and you can emulate Kate`s style. Dresses in Chiffon, Maxi dresses in hippie prints and play suits are the strongest and freshest leading trends for summer 2009.

Whoever thought beige blazers were not hot, obviously has not seen the latest summer 2009 collection from Stella McCartney. Hot fabrics from McCartney, are silk, chiffon and see-through (think `nude`) Blazers are long, and shorts are short!

Leggings are still `in` for summer 2009. Lily Allen has recently been seen sporting some daring metallic pairs, and Ms Allen has also been seen trying out the jumpsuit look (both at Glastonbury and in her latest video) . For summer 2009 you cannot go wrong with a maxi dress teamed with some seriously large chandelier earrings. Bohemian Bangles and killer sandals. Don a straw hat to protect your face from harmful UV rays and ala Top Gun Aviator glasses are back with a vengeance and are a must have accessory for summer 2009!

If the high-street does not float your boat, and you are sick of looking like a card board cut out from Primark, then why not try an edgier brand, such as Volcom uk. Volcom are dedicated to extreme sports, leading an extreme lifestyle and giving back to the grass roots of communities. They are a cool and fresh brand that are sure to stand out in 2009 and beyond.