English Seaside Resorts

The English seaside resort is a key part of British culture and heritage. From outside the UK, cheap flights to London are easy to find online. From London, all the seaside resorts below can be visited by train.


Brighton is a very popular British seaside resort, partly because of its accessibility from London. It has a vibrant scene, both in terms of nightlife and the arts. The seafront has many stalls that sell clothes and jewellery as well as secondhand books. It is also famous for its pier. The original Victorian pier burned down, and the shell of it can be still seen on stilts a little way out to sea. The modern one has amusements as well as some rides and a helter skelter slide.


A lot of the tourism here is probably relatively local, but it has everything you could want from a very British resort. On the beach in the summer there are Punch and Judy shows, as there have been for more than a hundred years. Another favourite pastime here is crabbing. There is a hut by the seafront that sells cockles, which aside from being a tasty snack, can be used as bait to catch crabs. Whoever has the most in their bucket at the end wins. Swanage has a fantastic amusements arcade too as well as a railway line that was rebuilt solely by volunteers. The ruins of Corfe Castle are nearby too.


Minehead is probably best known for having a Butlins holiday park. Depending on what kind of holidaymaker you are this will either make Minehead more appealing or turn you off completely. If it helps, it’s a very good Butlins. And Butlins is something of an institution in the UK. If it isn’t your thing, there is a wonderful steam train that runs between Minehead and Dunster and Dunster is quiet and beautiful. There is a castle in the town and excellent cream teas in the gardens by the mill. There are fudge shops and a stretch of coast less busy than Minehead. You can walk along a path covered on either side by chive plants to get to Minehead and sample the fish and chips and ice cream there before returning.

You can try and win toys in the grabbing machines or put ten pence pieces in the moving drawer machines to try and win more ten pence pieces at the amusements.


Mevagissey is one of Cornwall’s most touristy towns. It has it all, the tacky shops that sell things decorated in innumerable shells, fish restaurants and a working harbour. Look out for the lobster cages stacked on the harbour. If you are approaching by ferry you can’t miss them. The ferries are very good in the area and can take you to most of the small towns along this stretch of coast. You can go to the more upmarket town of Fowey, where celebrities Dawn French and Lenny Henry own a house, although following their divorce it is unclear if they’ll hold on to it.

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