Designer blue zipped jumper

Designer clothes

Just as the United States is crazy about fashion the UK does not fall far behind. The UK is into designer wear and high fashion just like the USA. Infact the people in the United Kingdom just can’t get enough. The citizens eagerly await the launch of the designer wear each season. The fashion trend is becoming more like the USA, and there are plenty of discounts to be had if you know where to look, for instance check out discount vouchers or Voucher Vault.

Fashion Trend

The designer clothes in the UK are influenced by the USA fashion trends. Short clothes for women have become a little longer that extend up to the knee. Cute tie offs attached to the cuffs of the short are in fashion. Plaid is also another trend that has become popular among the citizens but it keeps fluctuating every season. Peasant like blouses for women are in fashion this season. Since it is summer the blouses are designed in light material and are airy which makes them extremely comfortable. Simple beauty is the mantra this season. Even men’s designer clothes are simple in appearance and designed to provide extreme comfort. In Britain solid colours are in. Printed tops along with solid colour are making fashion statements this season. Solid colours such as red, pink, shades of blue and brown are used. The colour brown is not associated with summer but it has still become extremely popular. The designer clothes the UK buyers are looking for are simple as well as elegant. Many people want to do away with their high maintenance clothing this summer. The different length skirts and dresses for women are available everywhere and give them a 70’s look. A lot of evening clothes are sequined giving them a casual as well as an elegant look. The girly girls are happier this season because the designers have come up with a line of evening dresses. These dresses are casual and elegant at the same time. The low waists are also in demand this season.

Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion this season is also quite simple in the United Kingdom. Plain buttoned shirts with sort sleeves are popular among the men. The designs of the men include carpenter style shorts and bright colour tops. These tops are designed to go with any other theme for men. The majority of the people are going for simple light clothing. The apparel gets completed when paired with the right kind of accessories like designer watches for men and simple jewellery for women.

Shoes and slip on sandals

Shoes and accessories are also gaining importance this season. The UK consumers are becoming aware of the right kind of accessories that might enhance their look. There are designer shoes and sandals manufactured exclusively for the season. Slip on shoes like the sandals and clog shoes are designed to look big. The shoes and sandals are comfortable and relaxing to wear. The theme this year is to be simple and stylish at the same time. Top designers like Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and many other designers are convinced that this season it is going to be ‘less is more’ theme.