Farmhouse Products

The Farmhouse Products is a business run by a family. It is based in the peaceful countryside of Cheshire in North England. This company is known for their good quality and nutritious products. It offers traditional style products under their own Farmhouse Recipe label. The products manufactured by this company range from delicious preserves to confectionary. Whenever possible the products are free from artificial colors and preservatives. For their 2008 range of products the company has manufactured gluten free products. There are also a number of products suitable to the vegetarian clients. There is good news for diabetics; there are products that are naturally sweetened and have no added sugar. The Farmhouse products are distributed world wide.

Their products


Honey sweets

Honey sweets include bee shaped sweets filled with natural honey, assorted flavor flower sweets and wooden trays with honey comb.

Traditional Hand-made sweets

Black and white hambugs

This product is suitable for vegetarians. It is gluten free and this is the kind of product your grandpa used to have.

Golden Hambugs

This product will remind you of golden days. It is a suitable product for vegetarians and is gluten free.

Jelly Beans

This product brings out the child in you. Jumping jelly beans are gluten free and so they are healthy.

Candy pebbles

This is a hot favorite among the children. It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Sugar Almonds

This is a product from the halcyon days. Sugar almonds are delicious and healthy. Like all other products they are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Sherbet Lemons

This product will make your mouth tingle. It is a great product to share with friends on a lazy afternoon.

Toffee crunch

This is a delicious crunchy toffee that gives a crunchy sensation to liven up your mood.

Mint hambugs

Your sweet collection is definitely going to be incomplete without this, so hurry up and buy one.

Luxurious Traditional hand made fruit cakes

Luxury pecan and brazil cake

A delicious hand made fruit cake with nuts thrown in for good measure to give you the real nutty experience.

Luxury date and walnut cake

A juicy fruit loaf that is ready to be enjoyed on lazy afternoons. It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Luxury stem ginger fruit cake

This is a traditional hand made English fruit cake. The ginger flavor is exquisitely subtle to the taste.


Fruits in syrup and alcohol

Bilberries in syrup

This is a great product to gift a loved one and is also great for self indulgence.

Peaches in brandy

This product makes a great accompaniment. It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.


Mint jelly

This is a traditional accompaniment, appropriate to be served with roast lamb. This is gluten free and not recommended for vegetarians.

Apple and mint jelly

This apple flavored twist to the simple mint teases your taste buds to give you a delicious eating experience.

Redcurrant jelly with port

This accompaniment goes well with turkey and adds a touch of class to your turkey dish.