Furniture made in Britain

Sean Feeney is the leading UK furniture maker. He is a master craftsman and the receiver of the prestigious Furniture Makers Guild Mark. He creates furniture that is unique, top quality and original in design and has been in business for 26 years. The wood that is used to create custom made furniture is of the finest quality. The furniture company owned by Sean Feeney specializes in traditional techniques and materials. The company does not sell in furniture outlets and does not produce specific range of furniture. They prefer to work directly with the customer so they can prepare the furniture as per the customer’s demand. Therefore if you visit their website you will not find items for sale. If the client wishes to own a piece of furniture inspired by another model than the company obliges to the request and creates a bespoke piece of furniture. The company also takes into consideration other requests such as using a particular type of wood. Since the creation of the furniture is done from scratch there is a lot of scope for creativity. Sean Feeney furniture is original in design and exclusive to the clients they work for. The client’s house is also taken into consideration when creating the furniture. It gives a good idea of the kind of furniture that will look good in the house. The company is happy to oblige to clients from all over the world.

Custom furniture materials and techniques

Bespoke or custom furniture requires exceptional quality material and lot of knowledge about the different timber and techniques used to create furniture. The timber used by this company is bought from the local suppliers. You will definitely find English timber such as walnut, oak, elm and sycamore in their yard at an old village school in rural Warwickshire. The wood is kiln-dried after letting it dry for several years in order to stabilize the moisture content. This is a crucial part of furniture making because it helps the wood to withstand humidity, fluctuating temperatures and avoids splitting. The workshop conditions are monitored when creating a piece of furniture. This ensures that the quality of the wood is maintained throughout the process of making the furniture. The company uses modern techniques as well as traditional methods to create the bespoke furniture.

Creating custom made furniture

Creating custom made furniture provides a chance to leave your imprint on tomorrow as well as express your self. The furniture that you keep in your house tells what kind of personality, taste and style you possess. Sean Feeney is especially sensitive towards each client’s requirement. He believes that the design process is an intimate collaboration between the client and the maker. The collaboration includes developing ideas, choosing the right kind of material and looking into the finer details of the furniture. Sean spends hours with his client in order to get the right details and the exact requirement of the client. The work on a piece of furniture starts only after all the details have been worked out and the final design is chosen.