Men’s Jackets: from Day to Night

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe in preparation for the winter months when a jacket is a must, take a look at these top tips which will help you choose a jacket you can wear for every occasion.

Men’s jackets have evolved in recent years to accommodate the fashion conscious man – no longer are men limited to restricted cuts and styles, now the world is your oyster when it comes to creating your own stamp on fashion as a man.

There are Harrington jackets for example, one type of fit which can take a modern man from the office to the bar and through the weekend. A harrington jacket is a good choice if you want one jacket to suit all occasions. They can be professional and non-discrete looking, while also light-weight for those chilly summer months.

Or why not make a statement with leather jackets? Leather jackets, once associated with bikers, have actually become a lot more mainstream in recent years.

If you invest in a good leather jacket, the benefits are it could see you through many winters yet to come. Many people expect leather jackets to be heavy, yet buy the right make and a leather jacket could not only look great, but be waterproof and great at keeping you warm too.

Finding the right style

While women have become accustomed to dress for their body shape, men are sometimes perceived as being, in general, less aware of this.

When it comes to mens fashion it easy for men to get it right with the basic t-shirt and jeans combo for example, and suite and tie – staple outfits every man has in his wardrobe.

However, as men are granted more choice with what they wear, it can be more difficult to know what suits a particular body shape.

In terms of men’s jackets for example, the length can be an important factor in making a man appear smaller of taller, or in proportion. If you are tall and slim, then stray away from short jackets which stop at your waist, also try to find styles that do not gape too much.

Some tall and slim men find they have to go up a size so the jacket sleeves are long enough to accommodate their long arms, however, if the jacket is too big then this could make a man look even slimmer, so stick to well-made brands that fall below the waist.

If you are smaller in stature, then stay away from styles which will make you appear shorter than you actually are. If cuffs rouche in at the sleeves and the waist is pulled in, this can cut you off, rather than elongate your figure.

When it comes to the colour of your jacket, browns and blacks are safe options which everyone can get away with. The full range of jackets in these colours can be found at A more caramel colour however could look refreshing when it nears summer; while chequered styles can help you create a country look which is right in style at the moment.