Men’s shoes made in Britain

Shoes are an integral part of our daily life. Everybody needs to wear a pair to protect their feet and keep them from getting hurt. Shoes are an important factor of ones attire, be it in school, business or on the playground. It is a popular form of footwear that is worn by many. Shoes are made from types of material and in many designs in order to suit everybody’s taste.

Whenever one thinks of high quality men’s shoes, the Italian designer shoes are the first thought that comes to mind. But it is not like that anymore, the British men’ shoes are making news world wide. They are durable, stylish and comfortable at the same time. The ‘Queens Award for Enterprise’ is an encouraging factor that made many shoe makers shift their base to the UK. At the moment United Kingdom is top on the list of foot ware manufacture and more than 90% of British men’s shoes are exported.

In UK, in various factories and work environments safety shoes are made compulsory by law. These shoes are specially prepared for the workers and bear the initials “CE”. This initial indicates that these foot wears are approved by the law and cater to the law requirements. These shoes are manufactured in such a way that they provide protection from harmful chemicals, penetration, slips, crushing and extreme temperatures. Due to the strict British rules the shoe makers have a lot of experience in manufacturing safety shoes using effective techniques.

Good Year Welted Men’s shoes

This is another brand from Britain famous for manufacturing men’s shoes. The shoes made by the Good Year Welted Company follow a 300 year old process of manufacturing shoes. It consists of a very long piece of material known as a welt. This welt is attached to the upper and inner sole but still the outer sole is sewn independently to the welt. The hollow cavity is created using this process. The cavity is then inserted with a flexible material that automatically adapts to the foot size of the owner. The shoes made through this process are extremely comfortable. This makes them one of the most comfortable shoes in the market.

Apart from the Italian designers the UK designer shoes for men top the list in the shoe industry. Since the United Kingdom tops the list it is not surprising to know that they house maximum number of shoe makers and designers on earth. It so happens that other shoe makers who have a business else where are originally educated in the UK. Since the British shoe makers have been in this business longer than anybody they have all the experience to create a master piece. The British shoe makers have introduced the most stylish and comfortable shoes one can find on this planet. The British shoe industry has evolved over the years and is ready to give cut throat competition to any new contemporary shoemaker. The prices of these shoes are sky high but worth every penny. It is time to buy yourself a pair if you haven’t one.