The Circle of Raphael

The Circle of Raphael is a small group of Adepts, who consider the ancient wisdom to be the birth right of every human being. Therefore they think that it should be made accessible to everybody. The head of this group is a powerful Western Mystic. He is dedicated, has specialized knowledge and is extremely experienced in the art of ancient talismanic magic. His powers and knowledge is unrivalled. The adept has applied all the knowledge and vast experience to create these talismans. The talismans created by this group are effective and devastating at the same time. By utilizing the Earth’s magical energy, Cosmos’s angelic essence and holy divine words, the adept personally prepares the talismans. These talismans are empowered with the original Cabbalistic formula that dates back to 3,000 years. The ancient people called this spiritual energy as ‘Magi’. Today the scientists are rediscovering the powers of the ancient ‘Magi’ or quantum mechanics as it is called today. The scientists now propound the theory that everything in the universe is made up of the same matter and everything is connected. This might be a discovery to the scientists but the ancients already had knowledge of this natural law. The knowledge and understanding of this law was the main factor in creating the potent talismans.

Functioning of the Talismans

Some experts believe that the power of the talisman depends on how much faith the user’s have in their respective talismans. Experience proves that the talismans work just as well even when the owner is not aware of its magical powers. The talisman influences the mind and inspires confidence. They are attuned cosmos’s creative laws. The talisman works even if it is simply worn as an unusual object of jewellery. The owner will still experience positive vibes and blessings. True talismans are ideal gifts to give to loved ones and friends. According to the quantum mechanics, the scientists agree that the same matter can be present at two places at the same time. Even if matter is millions of light years away it can still establish connection without any physical contact. Scientists agree that there may be other plains and dimensions apart from our own. The ancients did not fully understand quantum mechanics but they surely harnessed its powers to their benefit. The ancients called this power ‘magi’ which means supreme wisdom. They named the mechanics that controlled magi after the gods and goddesses. The priests of nature were known as ‘magi’. They believed that good fortune and divine protection could be stored in talismans and used whenever required by the owner. The Magi divided good luck into all kinds of luck for example luck with money, luck in love, in career and many other types. These were placed under seven cosmic forces which they called angels. True talismans contain the angelic forces essence which is highly beneficial. The talismans made by the Circle of Raphael are the most successful magical items one can get. The talismans created by them come with a money back guarantee within 60 days.