The Walsall Leather Museum

About the leather industry

The leather industry has been a significant part of our society for a very long time. Leather has been in use since the olden days. It was a vital form of clothing during wars. There were protective shields and clothing made from leather hides. In the modern era, it has become a style statement in the fashion industry. Trendy accessories and stylish garments are manufactured using leather. These leather garments not only make a style statement but also protect effectively from the cold winters. Leather is made mostly from cattle hide that is tanned to make it more durable. The industry however has been through a tremendous change since its inception. It has evolved in every way from manufacturing techniques to making different products out of it. Pure leather is highly in demand because of its durability and lasting use. Leather has survived the competition and emerged as the winner in every way.

Walsall Leather

Walsall is a large industrial town situated in the West Midlands of England. It is very popular and well known for its leather products. The townspeople are simply the best in creating the worlds finest leather products. In fact the Walsall town is known as the leather goods capital of the British. There are ninety leather companies in this town out of which three hold the Royal Warrant. These companies continuously produce outstanding leather goods. Among the leather products they produce the riding equipments are exceptionally popular. Other leather products like purses, belts, wallets and bags make a wonderful gift items. The leather products are made out of high quality leather and these fine goods are exported to almost all parts of the world.

The Walsall leather industry suffered a recent setback. There was a breakout of the Foot and Mouth disease. Despite this setback the industry is on its feet again and raring to go. The loss that was incurred by the townspeople has made them even more determined to work harder. They have resolved to guard their reputation as the finest makers of leather goods. It is well known that Queen Elizabeth II is fond of leather handbags manufactured in Walsall. One of the Royal Warrant Holders, the Jabez Cliff and company founded in 1873 regularly provides orders for leather goods to the Royal Household.

The Walsall Leather Museum

The townspeople of Walsall have been making the finest leather goods for over two hundred years. In order to celebrate this tradition a museum was built to display their works. The Walsall Leather Museum is built in a restored factory of leather. It is situated on Littleton Street and is only a short distance from the local train and bus station. Once you visit this museum you will be able to see the story of this leather industry unfolding before you. The museum displays the trade of Walsall and excellent examples of finest leather crafted goods. These displays include the riding equipments especially created for the Royal Family. There are contemporary designed leather products featured in this museum. The museum also gives us an insight into the whole process of leather goods created by the actual craftsmen.